She is Purpose S3 Ep3 ~ Purpose & Progress

Let’s talk about it… Real talk, what is your metric for measuring success or progress?

It’s half way through the year, and now is the time when most of us get tired and feel discouraged because some of the things we set out to achieve when the year started aren’t looking as good as we thought they would be looking by now or growing at the rate we anticipated they would be. We look next-door and things are looking up. Post after post, announcement after announcement we are confronted with everyone succeeding BUT us. People signing deal after deal, ticking goals off their chart, growing and glowing. What are we doing wrong?

But what if, maybe, just maybe, we’ve been focused on the wrong idea of success and progress according to God and His word? What does God consider to be successful? Let’s find out in this week’s episode.

Until the next one,

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