I come before you once again, to say THANK YOU. You have sustained me and kept me through another month, 30 days I could not guarantee myself without You. I say thank you because I know there is nothing I have done that sets me apart enough to save me and protect me day in and day out. I say thank you because I recognise that it is a blessing and a privilege to be alive and healthy, especially during the times we are living in. Thank You for Your consistent presence, protection and provision. God You are the only constant, consistent and stable thing in the chaos we are living through, I choose to hold onto You.

As this new month begins, I humble myself before You in surrender, recognising without doubt that You are the author of my life and that my life’s story is in the hands of the best author to ever exist. I surrender because I recognise that You write a better life story than I could ever imagine. You’re the God who does exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ever think or ask. So I lay my life at Your feet and I say glorify Yourself. But I’ll be honest God, surrender is not easy, sometimes it feels better to try retain control over my life and my decisions because then I can see what is happening. But this month, please grant me the grace to trust You enough to walk and live by faith and not by sight, help me let go of the lie of the enemy that surrender will hurt me and that my life is better in my own hands.

Father I pray for a hedge protection of fire and a covering of the blood of Jesus around and over my loved ones, friends and family, near and far. Lord, death and darkness are raging on the earth and we run to you for refuge because as scary and unprecedented as this season is for us, we find security in knowing that nothing catches You by surprise, You were prepared for all of this. We ask for the grace and strength to accept Your will even when it hurts, trusting that ALL things do indeed work out for the good of them who love Him. We love you in all seasons because we recognise that true love is not seasonal.

I entrust this month into Your capable hands and I ask you to be with me from its beginning until its end. Shining Your light on my path to help me see the way You want me to go. Fill me with the truth of Your Word because I know it will set me free in every situation and will equip me to fight against every plot and lie of the enemy. Lord as this month begins, I stand in the authority You have given me and I destroy every thought and every argument that sets itself up against Your knowledge and I submit it under the authority that is in the name of Jesus and I take it captive and make it obedient to Christ. I cloth myself with your full armour and I hit the ground running this month.

Peace is mine in Jesus’ name. I will rejoice in the Lord always, Your oil of joy falls continually on me this month in Jesus’ name. Discernment is abundant within me in Jesus’ name. I will obey Your word because I know that obedience is better than sacrifice to You. Rest is mine in Jesus name.

I love you Lord, I love you so much and I am so thankful to have you as my closest friend and counsel. Thank you for meeting me here, every single time.



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