Praise through the pain

I was listening to a song called Thank you, and I realised that for a little while now I have learned to thank God for what looked like the small victories whereas in the past I would struggle.

I would struggle to see His goodness until the situation completely changed and worked out for my good. I wasn’t thankful until I saw what I wanted to see. There’s a part in the song that thanks God for bringing you through. I sang this with such sincerity I couldn’t believe it. I don’t share this to boast. I share this to recognise how far God has brought me in my walk with Him and also to encourage someone who is where I was or who is where I am. If you’re in the wilderness and can’t bring yourself to praise Him because you feel the pain of the bruises much deeper than you do His presence, this is for you. If you are full of the joy of the Lord and are full of praise but you can’t understand why, because according to your circumstance you should be depressed and miserable. This is for you.

“I wasn’t thankful until I saw what I wanted to see.”

The reality is our perception of victory is warped. We are waiting for this big bang. A big scene where we see the hand of the Lord actively turning that situation around before our very eyes. But, the truth is victory is a series of smaller (not so small victories) that come together to form the mighty turn around which we wait in anticipation for. Yes, the ultimate victory is heaven and eternal life. But while we are here, let’s recalibrate our eyes to recognise the goodness, the kindness, the compassion and mercy of the Lord step by step as He walks us through the day to day of the valley and the wilderness.

The truth is, the wilderness would have killed you and I if it weren’t for the Lord. The lion would have found us exposed and vulnerable and he would have devoured us (1 Peter 5:8), leaving no trace of our existence behind. But God. BUT GOD. He has covered us daily (Exodus 14:19-20) and we might not be at the destination of our promise land yet but we’re still here and that means we’re still in the race. It’s not over. He isn’t done with you. If you can’t praise Him through the pain, it’s okay. He’s getting you there. You’re on your way. Lean in and let Him carry you there because He recognises that you are weak and you can’t do anymore and He’s saying to you, you don’t have to, don’t. That’s what He is there for.

This entire season of wilderness and wild fire is all orchestrated to bring you deeper into a dependance and reliance on Him. That’s your only job. Surrender yourself to trusting Him fully and He will do the rest.


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