She is Purpose (Ep 3)- The season of singleness pt 1

In this episode I’d like us to have a look at the season of singleness from a biblical and christian perspective. We live in a time where so much importance is placed on being in a relationship but no one is really having the conversation about the benefits of the work God can do in us as women of God while we’re alone when we give Him the access and that there are certain works that God does only when we are in isolation or that we benefit from most when these works are done when we are by ourself. This first part of this topic unpacks this.

“Singleness is the time when the self is developed, where your character is refined, where you are molded, your identity is established and secured, where your boundaries are established. It’s the time to solidify your relationship with Christ and the self because when you get to know more of Christ, then you get to know more of yourself.” ~ Mbali Mathole

Be blessed


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