She is Purpose S2 Ep3~ It’s bigger than you

Welcome back to the She is Purpose podcast!

In this episode I continue to challenge you to come up higher and live excellently in everything you do but not only that, this week I also remind you why it’s important to live this way. Because it’s not about you but rather, its bigger than you. There are things you need to do, decisions you need to make, sacrifices you need to make, discomforts you need to endure for the sake of the lives and destines attached to you. They need you to do better and be better.

This weeks scriptures comes from Daniel 3 and Jeremiah 1: 1-5.

So join me as I biblically confront your WHY this week and make you understand who you are, whose you are and the fact that you have a mandate to fullfill, not just for your own sake. It’s another week of living fully in your purpose and exercising those gifts and talents God gave you for the purpose of serving His plans and purposes for His people, for His glory.

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